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Uveitis is an inflammation that occurs in the middle layer of the eye. It can also lead to inflammation of retina and vitreous the gel in the eye. Has your doctor told you that you have Uveitis? Stop worrying. Your doctor will now suggest the most appropriate treatment to follow to control the disease

Causes of uveitis?

  • Systematic diseases
  • Infection by a virus, bacteria, fungus or a parasite.
  • Auto-immune reaction to ocular antigens.

Types of Uveitis

Uveitis depends upon the location of the inflammation of tissue. Anterior Uveitis: Affects the front or anterior portion of the eye.
Posterior Uveitis: Affects the back or the posterior portion of the eye. The inflammation may affect the retina, choroid or both.
Panuveitis: Panuveitis affects the entire uveal tract. It is the severe form of uveitis often causes blurring of the vision with varying degrees of pain and redness.


Treatment strategies

Treatement will depend on the cause, severity and location of the inflammation. The treatment may include eye drops, injections and oral medications. The prescribed eye drops will relax the muscles inside the eye, dilate the pupil & relieve the pain. This may cause some glare in bright light. Patients are advised to use dark glasses. When the inflammation is extensive or severe, systemic oral drugs such as steroids and immunosuppressive drugs are needed.

Important Advice

The medicines prescribed by the doctor must to continued until advised to stop .Do not start or stop the medication on your own..If you forgot to use your eye drops, use them as soon as you remember, instead of waiting till the next scheduled time.

Can Uveitis recur?

Yes, in many cases uveitis can recur. The frequency and severity of attacks is however, unpredictable. Consult your ophthalmologist as soon as you notice any signs of recurrence; this will make the treatment simpler and lead to a quicker and resolution of uveitis .if adequate care is not provided early there could be irreversible complications including visual damge.

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